T-Shirts almost ready to go to screen printer!

We’ve been harassing…er…talking to t-shirt sponsors for the past two or three weeks, seeking twenty sponsors to donate money for the Panther Sports Network to purchase t-shirts for giveaway. We now have our sponsors, and just a few more checks to collect, and then we are ready to order! We should have a TON of t-shirts to let the cheerleaders throw out at football games, for us to give out at volleyball, basketball, baseball, and softball games as well! And don’t think we’ve left you guys out that follow us on twitter or that listen to our live streams, no sir! Thanks to the generosity of our fine sponsors we’ll have something for everyone!

Yeah us! Yeah to our sponsors! 🙂

And we will also be keeping a t-shirt or two back to stick into our 1,000,000th twitter follower giveaway! It may take a couple hundred years or so to get there, but it will be quite the prize pack for the winner once we do! Woot woot!

We will post a complete list of our fine sponsors soon, but for now here is you some eye candy. This is the design that will be on the front of the t-shirt:

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