Only 5 more days to get your PSN Spirit Store orders in!

PSN Store Grey Gray hoodie
We have hoodies! Our annual two week winter is coming, be prepared in style!

Thanks to Mr. Derek at, PSN now has an online spirit store. It works like a normal school pre-order, where you pick out what you want now and the entire order is placed at once when the counter hits zero. Just click any item to visit the store.

PSN store yellow tshirt t-shirt
We have gold tees, our most popular color!

This lets him make them in bulk instead of one at a time and keeps his costs down, which in turn keeps our costs down, and thus keeps YOUR cost down as well! Yeah! It’s a win-win! Well…a win-win-win I guess, but anyway, you get the idea.

PSN Store Pink Cap
We have caps! Wouldn’t this just be adorable on you?!?

We have long and short sleeved t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and we now have caps as well! We think they are all reasonably priced and are the perfect way for you to show your awesome support for PSN! And remember, no matter how big your head is, there is a cap to fit you! And if you’re like Coach Crews and like to wear a smedium, well we can probably get one of those as well.