Unexpected Star in Geneva vs Opp Football Game

Kahari McReynolds runs in one of his seven touchdowns against the Opp Bobcats.

Kahari McReynolds, a senior for the Geneva High School Panthers, had the best game of his high school football career Friday night. The Panthers met the Bobcats from Opp, and being a rival game, this one is usually an exciting event, but Kahari decided to put on an extra special show for the hometown crown!

Overall he had seven touchdowns in the game, setting a new GHS school record for most touchdowns in a single game.

As phenomenal as his performance was, there was another team on the field that was determined not to let Kahari’s brilliance outshine their own participation in the game. And no, it wasn’t the Opp Bobcats.

Who was it you ask? Well, it was the officiating crew and the seemingly never-ending aerial bombardment of yellow penalty flags! I have emailed the Alabama High School Football Historical Society to see if this may be some record they track, but haven’t been able to find any definite stats on high school football specifically.

However, according to this CBS website:

The FBS record for most penalties in a single game is 36 between San Jose State and Fresno State in 1986. The NCAA record, as far as we can tell, is 42 in a game.

If the high school record is anything like those two, then our show-hogging officiating crew blew the record out of the water! In the first quarter, there were 35 total plays by both teams, and 8 of them had penalty flags flying. This was just shy of 23% of the plays having referee involvement.

Apparently the zebra stripes were just getting warmed up though, because in the second quarter almost 33% of the plays had yellow flags dropping faster than the Crews’ Corner viewer numbers! Out of every three plays one of them was whistled dead.

…yellow flags were dropping faster than the Crews’ Corner viewer numbers!

Coach Brent justice

After going back and watching the first half and counting, I got tired and forgot to break up the 3rd and 4th quarters, but the combined total for the second half of the game were 85 total plays, and 22 total penalties. I’m guessing the referees were tired from their first half which had 85 plays with 25 penalty interventions since their percentage dropped from 28.74% to just 25.88% in the second half.

Overall for the entire game, where were 172 plays, 125 where the boys were allowed to play, and 47 where the refs stopped the progress of the game. As you can imagine, with the clock stopping over 27% of the time, this game seemed to drag on and on, but despite all of this, the Panthers pulled out the win over their area rivals Opp, but when it came to the officiating, I’m thinking everyone in the entire stadium probably would have gotten things over a bit quicker.

I’m not saying the officiating was bad…but I will say the referees didn’t miss a single thing. Not one. Single. Thing.