Panthers Take Down the Tigers

The Samson Tigers hosted the Geneva Panthers on Friday night.

To start off the game the Panthers elected to kick, so they will be receiving the ball to start the second half. The Tigers were able to gain yardage after the return and was able to continue gaining yardage by Senior Trad Jenkins. Jenkins getting hand-offs and gaining first downs after every carry was able to get the Tigers inside the red-zone, and then finally was able to punch it in to give Samson an early touchdown. Samson was able to stop the Panthers and was able to drive down field, once again. Hayden Mccoy called his own number and was about to be in the end-zone until Kahari McReynolds was able to strip the ball and take it 98 yards for a Panthers touchdown. Two point conversion was no good.

Kahari Runs Down the field after the strip and gets a TD
Dylan runs toward the endzone for a TD

The Tigers had a 7-6 lead over the Panthers to start the second quarter. Geneva was able to stop the Tigers and drive down field. Damion Kemmerlin dropped back to pass and hit Kahari McReynolds for a touchdown. Panthers weren’t able to get the two point conversion. Samson, after a Geneva turnover, was able to give Trad Jenkins the ball and drove it in for a Tiger touchdown with 4:00 left in the half. Samson gained the 13-12 lead but Dylan Creech took the handoff and took it in for a Panthers touchdown with 1:20 left in the half. Two point conversion was good. Geneva went into halftime with a 20-13 lead over Samson.

Justin Russ catches the ball and runs into the endzone for a TD

Geneva received the ball to start the third quarter but wasn’t able to get anything going. Until, with 7:45 left in the third, Damion Kemmerlin found Justin Russ on a 25 yard touchdown pass. Dylan Creech was able to take it in for the two point conversion. Then, with 1:55 Hayden Mccoy was able to keep it and dive in for a 1 yard touchdown.

Geneva went into the fourth quarter with a 28-20 lead over Samson, but the Panthers weren’t done scoring. Kahari McReynolds, in wildcat formation, was able to keep it and punch it in for a touchdown with 8:00 minutes left in the fourth. Kahari wasn’t finished, after intercepting Mccoy’s pass and getting brought down at Geneva’s one yard line, took it 99 yards for another Panthers touchdown. Before time ran out the Tigers were able to get one more touchdown. Two point conversion was good, but wasn’t enough to give them the win over Geneva. Final score was Geneva 40-28 over Samson. The Panthers will be on the road again on Oct. 4, taking on Straughn.

Kahari runs down the field and gets pass the last couple of tigers and gets a 99yd TD