On October 8th, 2019, the Velcro Pygmies came to Geneva High School. And they ROCKED!

And the Panther Sports Network was there to bring it to you live and in your face! But, if you weren’t able to watch the PSN live-stream of the concert, have no fear! You can still experience it on our NFHS page. Just click here.

 Velcro Pygmies Geneva High School Reach and Teach
They came, they saw, they ROCKED!

The Velcro Pygmies, hailing from all over the southeast and known for their high-energy rock show performances, are also an instrumental (pardon the pun!) part of an awesome school outreach program called Reach and Teach.

Reach and Teach Velcro Pygmies Geneva High School

What is Reach and teach you ask? Well nothing can say it better than their own website:

“Reach and Teach is an educational program that allows students to plan, promote and execute a concert, giving them hands on experience, which not only teaches content knowledge but also employability skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving. Complete with all lesson plans and resources, Reach and Teach is geared toward career and technical education, specifically business and marketing, and implemented into the daily classroom activities.”

Velcro Pygmies Lead Singer Cam
Velcro Pygmies Lead Singer Cam rocking the crowd!

Through the Reach and Teach program, the marketing and business students and FBLA officers of Geneva High School had an opportunity to learn all aspects of planning and executing this rock show, from garnering sponsors, to designing tickets and merchandise, to assembling the stage. They also could learn about other tangential aspects of organizing productions such as this by doing the backstage catering for the band members and VIP ticket holders, organizing a meet and greet for the show sponsors, and also doing required post production analysis of the success or failure of each part of the endeavor.

Velcro Pygmies Panther Sports Network
If it is too loud, you’re too old!

Though the Reach and Teach program is designed to target all students, it is especially geared to reaching the unique and artistic students that might otherwise not be engaged in normal classroom activities, and gives them an opportunity to use and explore their creative talents that might not be available in a “normal” classroom setting. Music is an artistic endeavor, and producing a full blown rock show gives these students all sorts of opportunities to be creative, from ticket design, t-shirt and merchandise design, set design, etc. All hands on and real world opportunity and experience.

Velcro Pygmies rock the crowd