Happy Mother’s Day to the Panther Moms and Congratulations Lady Panthers!

The Gulf Shores regional softball tournament was a blast! Thank you to our Lady Panthers Softball team for allowing us to be a part of it, and thank you to the Geneva Sports Boosters for making it possible for us to make the journey, and also to our Superintendent Dr. Rhonda Stringham for allowing to be away from work to attend! The Gulf Shores SportsPlex was a state of the art facility, and their allowing us to connect to their high speed internet made it possible for us to bring everyone our live streamed games in High Definition. Judging from feedback from our viewers this awesomely fast data connection showed through on their end as well, so to your hospitality and accommodation we owe you our thanks and appreciation as well. Thank you to Taylor and Josh, the Gulf Shores SportsPlex official scoreboard and book keepers as well for making our visit even more fun and entertaining, and special thanks to Denise Ainsworth from the AHSAA for keeping us in line (most of the time) and for laughing at all of our corny jokes. 🙂

In case you might not have tuned in, we can now take callers to our live show. This is a pretty huge step in our opinion, and certainly a giant leap from less than a year ago when we were trying to figure out which end of the camera should point out, lol. This was the first time we had attempted to do anything like this, and thankfully we managed to piece together the cords and equipment necessary to make it happen. We had athletic director Les Sanders as our first caller, and then Jarrod “Silky Smooth” Wagner. Coach Brent Justice, always seeking some free publicity, kept calling and harnessing us until we put him on the air as well (kidding!). We have a twitter poll up so go vote for your favorite call in guest.

If I get caught up on my “honey do” list that grew a bit in my time away from home, and after I get through showering my wife with ample Mother’s Day love, I’m going to try to pull some highlight videos from the tournament. Follow the site and twitter to be alerted to new posts here!