Geneva Panthers VS Geneva County Bulldogs Game Summary

Geneva and Geneva County Line up just before the 2nd half.

The Geneva Panthers vs. Geneva County Bulldogs match-up was mostly an offensive battle between one of Geneva’s stars, Senior Kahari McReynolds, and Geneva County’s Sophomore Emmanuel Henderson. Henderson gave the bulldogs an early lead over the Panthers within the first drive but Geneva answered back when McReynolds, who played quarterback the whole night for injured Damion Kemmerlin, called his own number and tied the ball game up for the Panthers.

Kahari McReynolds runs the ball

Kahari McReynolds had 3 more touchdowns the rest of the night and Senior Dylan Creech also added some points on the board for the Panthers with a 30 yard run. Emmanuel Henderson had 3 more touchdowns for the Bulldogs with a punt & 2 kick returns. Senior Cole Saunders had one touchdown for the Bulldogs. Geneva defeated Geneva County 34-26.

Kahari McReynolds levels a Hartford defender with a brutal stiff arm!

Next match-up for the Panthers will be Sept. 6 at Hugh Memorial Stadium taking on Providence.