“Flag Football”

On Friday September 20th, the Geneva Panthers took on the Opp Bobcats for Senior Night.

The Bobcats elected to receive the ball start of the second half. Geneva would get the ball to start off the game and when they did Senior, Kahari McReynolds, took it all the way to the end zone for a eighty-five yard kick return. Opp couldn’t get anything going in the first quarter. So the Panthers would be able to get the ball back and drive down field. Once again Kahari McReynolds calls his own number and punches it in for the Panthers to end the first quarter. Geneva tries for a two-point conversion but wasn’t able to succeed.

Kahari gets the kickoff return and runs down the field for his first TD of the game
Timothy McRenolds gets the interception and runs down the field to get a TD

Geneva led the Bobcats 12-0 to start the second quarter. Bobcats received the kickoff and drove down field. Was able to drive and get on the Panthers side of the field but Sophomore Timothy McReynolds, Kahari McReynolds brother, would intercept one of the bobcats passes and would take it all the way back for a pick six. Damion Kemmerlin was able to connect with Preston Garner to get the two-point conversion. Opp would bounce back and would complete a pass in the end-zone to finally get them on board. Kahari McReynolds would score two more times for the Panthers while the Bobcats would score two more times as well. Geneva went into half with a 36-23 lead over Opp.

Opp would come out fighting in the second half. The Bobcats received the ball to start. Then, drove down field, wasting no time, and would punch it in early for a Bobcats touchdown. After the touchdown, neither team could get anything going for a while until Kahari McReynolds would take the handoff and would get into the endzone to give himself his fifth touchdown of the night.

Kahari Dodges 9 Bobcats to get his 7th TD

In the fourth quarter, Kahari would not stop; he would score two more times and would give himself seven total touchdowns for the night. Opp would score one more time before the game ended. Geneva would take the 56-36 victory over Opp. Next game for the Panthers will be September, 27 in Samson, Al taking on the Samson Tigers.

(Last nights game might have broke the world record for total penalty flags thrown. After the fifty plus flags, everyone was starting to get confused if the players were playing contact football or “flag football” on Senior Night.)