Exciting Win For the Panthers in Redtop Country

The Geneva Panthers traveled to Slocomb on Friday Night.

Kahari McReynolds celebrating after his early Touchdown

The Panthers would receive to start off the ball game and it would be to their advantage. Geneva would work their way down field to get on Slocomb’s side of the field. Finally, Kahari McReynold’s would take the handoff and take it into the end-zone to give the Panthers an early 6-0 lead. Two-point conversion was no good. Slocomb would not worry though, Redtops would receive the ball and start their drive. Slocomb’s Jaylen Nobles, would take the handoff and shed off a variety of Panthers to take it 51 yards for a Redtop touchdown. Redtops would kick the extra point to give them a 7-6 lead with 6:51 left in the first quarter. Geneva would not be able to make anything happen after being stopped by the Redtops. Slocomb would continue what they had started and would hand it off to Jaylen Nobles for a 49 yard touchdown. Redtops would go into the second quarter with a 14-6 lead.

Dylan Creech taking it to end zone after the fumble recover

Geneva was still unable to get some momentum going in the second quarter. Slocomb would continue taking advantage of their stops and would drive all the way down to the Panthers 20 yard line. Redtops was about to punch it in once again but Geneva was able to cause a fumble and Dylan Creech would recover the ball and take it 80 yards for an 80 yard fumble return. Panthers would get the two-point conversion and tie the ball game up 14-14. The return would fire up the Panthers, and allow them to gain momentum. Geneva forced Slocomb to punt and would continue with their momentum. Geneva drove down field to get on the Redtops side and then would do some “trickeration”. Kahari McReynolds would show off his arm by coming in motion to fake the jet sweep run and throw it 40 yards to, little brother, Timothy McReynolds for a touchdown. Two point conversion would be no good which would have Geneva with a 20-14 lead going into half.

The third quarter was scoreless.

The fourth quarter was almost the same until with 3:00 minutes left in the ball game the excitement started to happen! Slocomb drove down field trying to get into the end-zone with time going down. Redtop’s Brayden Whitaker would connect with Tanner Berry for a 53 yard touchdown pass, extra point would be good. Geneva was not stopping, below 3:00 minutes, the amazing drive would happen. The Panthers would manage the clock and try to get into the end zone but penalties would give them trouble, BUT the Redtops would be called for a pass interference to give Geneva an automatic first down with 26 seconds left. Kahari McReynolds would be put in at quarterback to call his own number and follow his blockers to get into the endzone!!! Geneva would get the two point conversion to make it a seven point lead over Slocomb. Slocomb would try to throw a hail mary with 9.6s left but Geneva would knock it down to give them a 28-21 win over the Redtops.

Panthers discussing their game plan

Geneva would clinch a spot in the playoffs after the huge win over Slocomb!!!

The Panthers will travel to Wicksburg on Oct. 25 for a battle of the Panthers. If you will not be able to make it, make sure to tune in! As always,