Creation Of The PSNstant Replay

Ever since the start of PSN two years ago we have always strive to be the best. Since then we had continued to expand. The first year we existed we were chosen as one of the top three broadcasting in the nation. We were NFHS Select Broadcasting School last year, and this is our first year of being one of the only three elite schools in Alabama. We had implemented a lot of improvements to our live stream since we started 2 years ago. The implementation of our switcher board was probably our first big leap toward being the best. PSNstant Replay was something we always wanted to do since last year. Mr. Ricky Nicholson, our lead technology researcher and eye candy, has tried to implement this feature last year during the first game of the Softball Regional in Gulf Shores, but that prototype of the PSNstant replayed did not work the way we wanted so we just discarded the idea until now. The week of our game against Pike county we have been pursuing a new way to do instant replay Mr. Kevin Zheng worked on it all week and into the next to get everything working and when Kahari McRenolds made a touchdown on a kickoff return against Opp we had the first chance to showcase our new technology, the PSNstant replay. Our next big improvement we would love to have is our new sideline cameras. If anyone would like to graciously donate to our GoFundMe page at we could be one step closer to getting it and showcasing it on our live stream.