Battle of the Panthers

Geneva traveled to Wicksburg on Friday night in a Battle of the Panthers.

Wicksburg would receive the ball to start off the ball game and would take advantage. Wicksburg took their time driving down field. The Wicksburg Panthers took off six minutes from the clock before Wicksburg’s quarterback called his own number and punched it in for a touchdown. The Wicksburg Panthers would kick the extra point to make it 7-0 with six minutes left in the first quarter. Geneva would try to answer back in the first but would not be able to because of time running out.

Although time ran out in the first, this does not mean the Geneva Panthers would just stop. Geneva would continue where they left off in the first quarter. After driving down field in the first and finally getting into the red-zone, Kahari McReynolds would call his own number and take it into the end-zone to get Geneva on board with 11:00 minutes left in the second quarter. Two point conversion would be no good.

Wicksburg would answer back, once again they were controlling the clock while going downfield, the Wicksburg Panthers hand the ball off and get in on a 2-yard touchdown. Extra point would be no good. With 5:05 left in the half the Geneva Panthers would try to get into the end-zone, but would be stopped short. Wicksburg went into half with a 13-6 lead over Geneva.

Geneva would receive the ball to start off the second half. On the first play of the third quarter Kahari McReynolds would take the hand-off and take it to the house for an early third quarter touchdown. Two point conversion would be no good. Geneva cut Wicksburg’s lead down to one, 13-12. Geneva stopped Wicksburg and would get the ball back. The Geneva Panthers would continue with their momentum they had built and would drive down field. Damion Kemmerlin would connect with Kahari McReynolds, on a bubble pass to the right side, and McReynolds would take it in to finally give Geneva the lead. Two point conversion would be good. Geneva would have a 20-13 lead over Wicksburg but Wicksburg would not quit. With 1:59 left in the third quarter Wicksburg would find a hole and punch it in for a touchdown. Two point conversion would be good and Wicksburg would go into the fourth quarter with a 21-20 lead over Geneva.

Preston hauls in the ball for a 38 yard TD pass. Photo courtesy of Melanie Garner.

Geneva would start the fourth quarter off well. After driving down field, Damion Kemmerlin would connect with Preston Garner for a 38 yard touchdown pass, but the two point conversion would be no good. After the touchdown pass, Geneva had a 26-21 lead over Wicksburg. Wicksburg would do their normal time control and get down into the red-zone. The Wicksburg Panthers would go for a fourth down after a couple nice plays by Geneva, but WOULD BE STOPPED! Geneva would get the ball back after the huge fourth down stop by the Geneva Panther’s fighting defense. Geneva would hand the ball off a couple times to run the clock out. After a couple of hand-offs, time would finally go out. Geneva defeats Wicksburg 26-21.

Final score 25-21, and Geneva is off to the playoffs! And this is another shamelessly stolen Melanie Garner photo!

After the huge win over Wicksburg, Geneva has clinched a spot in the PLAYOFFS!!!

Before playoffs, Geneva will travel on Nov. 1 to take on Calhoun.

Sadly, PSN will not be attending.

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