Kevin Zheng’s Thoughts on the Gulf Shores Trip

by: Kevin Zheng

The PSN road trip to Gulf Shores was very incredible! Out of all the trips I’ve been to with PSN the one to gulf shores was by far the best. The facility there was nice and the staff were very helpful too.

I was very excited and nervous when we went on the trip as this is the big time for PSN but when we get on set and I start doing what we always do it just felt natural.

Even though the trip was very fun we were all busy the whole day since we had to get up early in the morning to set up for the stream and after the stream we went back to the room and discuss what we did and made highlights.

So after this Gulf shores trip with PSN I feel very confident that we can make the Montgomery trip even better.

PSN Sponsorship Opportunities

PSN is currently offering sponsorship opportunities for the upcoming 2019-2020 school and sports seasons. We have two types of sponsorship available: Platinum Sponsorship and Event Sponsorship.

Platinum Sponsorship will consist of:

  • A minimum of three 15-30 second video prime time “during event” commercial spots on every livestreamed sporting event for the entire school year!
  • We are currently averaging:
    • 10 +/- home and away football games
    • 50+/-  boys and girls home and away basketball games
    • 15+/- baseball and softball games
    • 7 +/- Volleyball games
    • PLUS any championship games we live stream!
  • Commercials also played during non-prime time (beginning and end of event). (If needed, our GHS Multimedia class will film, edit, and produce your commercial for you!)
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Event Sponsorship will consist of:

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    • Minimum of two times total at periods between innings for baseball and softball events
  • Banner ads rotated on PSN website at (Standard website ad rotation rates will be one fourth as often as Platinum Sponsor rotation rates)
  • Recognition on our social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

Platinum Sponsorship will be a one time $1500 cost for the entire school year, all sporting events included. Event sponsorship is $100 per broadcasted event.