Live Stream Pass

Make sure to purchase your season pass just in time for the first game against the Bulldogs this Friday night! A one month pass is $9.95, a season pass is $30 and a yearly pass is $60! So go ahead and save money purchasing the yearly pass! Be prepared for more segments, more food, and more live coverage!

Don’t forget to subscribe to our livestream!

In order to view our sporting events LIVE, you must have a pass from the NFHS network.

There are currently three plans:
One month (30 days), $9.95
Season Pass (4 months), $30.00
Annual Pass (365 days), $60.00

If you only want a particular game or two, then the one month will be your cheapest and best option. Only interested in a particular sport? Then time it right as your sport season starts and go for the season pass! The most cost effective, and the plan that will let you access ALL of our LIVE sporting events is the Annual Pass, and at $60.00 it is very cheap entertainment when you can’t make it to the games, and most importantly part of your pass fees (for any plan!) goes back to Geneva City Schools!

Click this link now in order to sign up, and we certainly do hope you enjoy viewing our network, and we thank you for your support!

Coach Nix Interview

Miss Nikki Lamb, known for her hard hitting, no punches pulled interview with WTVY’s Zach Wilcox concerning the TisdaleGate scandal, reels in her hard boiled journalism for a more relaxed interview with Geneva High School Varsity volleyball coach Brynn Nix.